The main goal of Saint Francis School, located in the Diocese of Erie, is to instill strong Christian values by instruction, word, and action. We strive to build a moral foundation through classroom settings, dedicated teachers, and community involvement. The children are helped to relate to others in a Christ-like manner by accepting individual differences.

Along with the religious objectives, the students are prepared for future academic endeavors. At Saint Francis, a strong emphasis is placed on academic content, while at the same time encouraging students to be independent thinkers and problem solvers. The faculty works to establish an atmosphere that provides knowledge, moral balance, and good physical health.

Knowledge begins with concrete learning and advances to abstract reasoning as the child builds skills. Through a variation of teaching methods, we work to develop each student to their fullest potential. Programs are available that enable students to accept themselves in a positive way and improve their self-esteem. Through classes and extra-curricular programs, respect for one's own mind and body is fostered.

Saint Francis School works as a catalyst for social development. Students learn to be respectful and encouraging to others. Recognizing the need for rules and authority builds a sense of responsibility for the community in which they live.

The education processes develop within a network of relationships among the teachers, students, and parents. The teachers serve the needs of the students by being flexible, compassionate, and accepting. A firm and kind code of conduct helps to form mutual respect between students and teachers. Saint Francis School realizes that the responsibility of education is shared. Therefore, an open, consistent channel of communication between the parents, teachers, and administration is established.

The administration plays an important role in communication, classifying, and implementing the policies of the Diocese of Erie. Policy is then implemented by the pastor, the principal, and the professional staff. Each teacher follows the scope and sequence of the resource materials used in their classrooms to build on previously learned skills. The teachers examine the students' needs and adapt the curriculum accordingly. Students who need additional skills in development are provided with outside services.

Students are evaluated by various formal and informal techniques. Teachers are also evaluated by formal observations and weekly lesson plans. In both student and teacher evaluations, the goal is to recognize strengths and improve areas which need improvements.

Saint Francis School prepares students to grow as responsible Christians and to respond successfully to the challenges of life.